Interior Design Tips

Our homes and living situations are unique for us all and are also the place where we create some of our fondest memories with both family and friends, make sure your home and it's contents are protected with home insurance cover.

Here at Interior Living, my passion is to create designs for you that genuinely reflect your personality whilst enhancing your everyday life. I've put together some essential design tips to help with your life at home.  

Scheme. This could be inspired by your favourite piece of clothing or the colours in a much-loved piece of art or print, customise personal prints with colours to suit your scheme. Running elements of the scheme throughout your home will create a seamless and complimentary feel.

Colour. Consider your choices wisely in each room, for example, vibrant colours used in a bedroom won't aid with a restful nights sleep but may work well in your living or kitchen space instead - consider range of paint colours as they are true to Ireland's natural light and landscape.

Lighting. General lighting can be harsh, dimmer switches give greater control of ambience, with lamps placed on side tables in dark corners for a cosier feel. Think of function, a reading lamp beside your favourite armchair to ease any strain on your eyes and under cabinet lighting in kitchens for food prep and recipes reading.  

Textiles. Cushions, throws and rugs bring colour, pattern, texture and warmth to any room and are easily changed to update your scheme. Blackout lined curtains or blinds are great for bedrooms helping to minimise outside light and noise disturbances, they also keep warmth in during the winter and rooms cooler in the summer. Rugs add insulation and limit noise travel, just ensure your chosen rug is large enough to frame your furniture rather than being so small it's lost in the middle of the room!

Storage. For a less stressful and more organised life at home, be ruthless, get rid of things you no longer need or use. Keep items used on a daily basis in easy to reach places, use organisers in kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and drawers so you know exactly where your things are. Alcoves with built-in cabinetry use every inch of space, these could either be customised or flat packed (once dimensions are checked to ensure they fit!). Both kitchen cabinets and wardrobes can be fitted to ceiling height maximising otherwise unused space. Underbed storage is great for extra duvets and bedding or for seasonal clothing, an Ottoman bed such as this  is excellent at utilising this space.

Should you ever want even more inspiration from the most unique homes from homes around the world, you can check out some weird and wonderful homes as well. 

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