Here is a brief breakdown of my career to date, my portfolio spans over the last twelve years and can be viewed on request. 

  • Seventh Heaven Interiors, Malahide - Full Interior Design, project management and build.  
  • RTE Showhouse - Full Interior Design and project management of 3 bed family home.
  • RTE's Celebrity Showhouse - Consultant to Linda Martin and Kevin Sharkey.
  • AIKEN promotions - Interior Design and project management of dressing rooms.
  • Apartment, Dublin Docklands - Full Interior Design and project management.
  • IKEA Southampton - Interior Design and build.
  • IKEA Dublin - Interior Design, project management and build.
  • Show apartment, Finglas - Interior Design and project management.
  • IKEA Dublin - Interior Design of all showroom departments and room-sets.
  • IKEA Dublin - Children's Ambassador, educating co-workers on the safety within room-sets and IKEA products.
  • IKEA London - Interior Design and project management of Living rooms rebuild.
  • IKEA Dublin - Design and project management of Santa's Grotto.
  • Kitchen renovation, Swords - Interior Design and project management.
  • Living room, Malahide - Full Interior Design.
  • Bedroom, Donabate - Full Interior Design and project management.
  • Various colour consultations,  Dublin.
  • Rental apartments, Glasnevin - Interior Design.

Kitchen Renovation.

Before photos - This space is quite cramped and somewhat dark, the kitchen wall units which are fitted around the small window block the natural daylight. Black matt floor tiles are further absorbing light, adding to the dark feel. Storage and worktop space is extremely limited. 

After photos - This was a complete renovation of a kitchen and dining room.  A common problem for many families today is that the majority of our homes have a separate dining room which is very rarely used.
The family here longed for a more open plan style kitchen with plenty of space for family and friends, an extension was out of the question as it was outside of the budget.  By removing the wall that divided the dining room from the kitchen, we were able to totally transform the area, making use of much needed space that was otherwise going to waste.
There is now plenty of storage and worktop space which means this kitchen is now a joy to cook and socialise in.
I've used wall cabinets which are ceiling height which again uses otherwise wasted space,  having a small step stool tucked away means they are easily accessible.  Keeping the window area free of wall cabinets which allows the natural light to flood in, creating an airy and bright feel to a room which used to be quite dark. The large mirror in the dining area reflects the light back into the space and makes a great feature too. 

Living Room Design.

In this jewel toned Living room the walls were hand painted using an Ombre effect, using a darker Teal colour mixed with complimenting Taupe achieves this look. Offsetting this with bursts of Aubergine in the textiles and accessories gives a rich and luxurious feel.
The custom made built in unit was designed by myself, it makes clever use of the space and organises the books and music collection owned by this family.



Bedroom Design.

The design brief for this bedroom was to recreate a luxury hotel room feel. I designed the headboard which was custom made, this is further defined with the painted borders which act like a frame. The padded effect wallpaper compliments the varying grey paint tones, textiles and Art Deco styled mirrored furniture. Rather than having the added expense of replacing the wardrobe doors, they were given a new lease of life by painting them and adding new crystal knobs.